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Dental Beauty Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Polikliniği, 2007 yılında diş hekimi Ayça HOR ile diş hekimi ve ortodontist Ali Bahadır tarafından Antalya'da kurulmuştur. Kliniğimizde tüm diş tedavileri ortodontik tedavi ile birlikte yapılmaktadır. Verdiğimiz sağlık hizmetlerini yüksek dezenfeksiyon ve sterilizasyon standartlarına göre yürütüyoruz.

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Shingai Pepereke

Amazing experience. I walked in and was offered next day appointment to get my retainer fixed. The whole team was professional and went above and beyond to ensure my comfort. Would recommend them totally

Анна Прокудина

Great experience! The doctor Ali Bahadir is very professional and kind. That was a pleasure to be a patient

amin assakereh

I came here for a tooth adjustment with Dr. Ali and all the staff there were very friendly and cooperative, and they really care. They did an excellent job of the tooth adjustment and I will definitely come back if I need to. I recommend this orthodontist to anyone who is looking for one.

Fifi Assakereh

I had two teeth removed from me by doctor Ayca she is very friendly and her job of removing the teeth was very well done, there was very minimum pain. I am very happy with the service and recommend it to anybody who requires a tooth surgery.

Ahmed Ahmed

Excellent service. Friendly staff and good price. Would highly recommend

Nigar Üner

First of all, Ms. Ayça is very friendly and smiling. A meticulous, successful dentist. My daughter had a broken front tooth. Filling done. We were very satisfied. It was an environment where we felt comfortable. A polyclinic where you can go with peace of mind. We would like to thank Mrs. Ayça, Mr. Ali Bahadır and all the staff.

Ayça Erdoğan

Endless thanks to our dear Dentists Ayça and Bahadır, to whom we went with the family in confidence, my daughter's teeth were magnificent. We would also like to thank Sultan and Ceylan, the smiling staff of the clinic, you can go with your eyes closed.

Gül Doğan

We were very pleased with Bahadır Bey's examination style and his detailed description of diagnosis and treatment. We left the clinic without any question marks in our minds. You can choose it with peace of mind.

Sibel Demirdelen

Thanks to Ayça hnm, I no longer have external treatment, which is my phobia. I have absolute trust in him and his team. I can even make excuses to see them and their team after my treatment is over.

İsmihan Öztürk

A perfect warm family atmosphere, first I went to the professional welcome, then Ayça made a digital smile design, then we made my teeth in order, thank you very much for everything.

Gozde Kılıc

Everything is perfect, I would like to thank the wonderful dentists and their team👏👏 good luck to your hands and hard work 💗

Betül Saltoğlu

It's the clinic we've been to as a family for years. Our doctor Bahadır, Ms. Ayça and their team have always been very pleased with their success, interest and kindness in their work, thank you for everything, we are very happy to know you :)

Dental Beauty
Dental Beauty

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